It’s time to ditch the short shorts!

Shorts: Mango | Checked blouse: Mango | Sandals: Mango | Headband: Lele Sadoughi | Bag: Staud

 Trends come and go, and some are more wearable than others.  And one super wearable style that is coming back in vogue right now, is Bermuda shorts!  They are officially here to stay for awhile and personally I am loving them.  They come in knee length or just above the knee, and you can choose fitted flat-front ones, or pleated loose-fit ones.   Either way what what I love about these styles are that they are not too short and thus a bit more flattering.  Certainly less stressful to wear if you are over the age of 35.   One of my least favorite trends of all time (even though I was in my 20s when they came out) were “Daisy Dukes” – those super short, cut off denim shorts.  They were ridiculous!  They were also super low waisted and girls would wear them with crop tops and platform wedge sandals.  Anyway, for better or worse, the super short shorts are out and long shorts are back in!  Linking to some of my favorite pairs out there right now…

Light colored and white Bermuda shorts:

Chic black shorts:

Fun colors:

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Photos by Mike Kobal


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