My first button front dress and some thoughts on trends

Top: Anthropologie | Skirt: Anthropologie | Earrings: Anthropologie | Bag: Staud | Shoes: Frye

So, this is my first button front dress – and actually its not a dress, it’s a matching set.  Up until I found this one, I thought the button front dress trend might pass me by. It’s been a big trend this summer but it was already the beginning of August and I hadn’t found one yet that I liked.  Secretly, that was totally fine with me.

Now that I am doing this blog, I notice more than ever before how quickly trends come and go.  For example, take ruffles and florals.  I have always loved them, even before they became trendy, but now, they are everywhere, and I am starting to be seriously OVER them.  But it’s such a waste.  I have bought so many ruffled floral outfits I could wallpaper a house with them.  And side striped pants.  How many pairs did I get over the past two years.  And now, they are everywhere and I can hardly look at them.  All the waste makes me very sad.  So what’s the answer?

We all want to look great and have the latest fashions and it is so easy to access them now with online shopping and so many different price points.    Maybe the rule of thumb should be, make sure you will wear something at least 5 times before you put down that credit card, no matter how inexpensive it is.  Think about the weather, your lifestyle, how dressy you want to be on a daily basis.  Is it something you want to spend on, or something that’s better to save on and get the discounted version?

I am never going to be one of those people that will say “I never buy anything trendy I only like classic pieces”.  But, I am starting to realize I really, really need to limit myself and pick and choose the trends I want to follow and when I do buy into a trend, don’t buy into it a thousand times over.  Less is more!  For example, I already have 2 pairs of ugly dad sneakers, and am eyeing a third.  I know in my mind that that is insane but part of me just loves that trend and wants the next pair.  But a year from now, will dad sneakers be cool?  Actually, maybe.  Who knows. But even I know I do not need 3 pairs of nearly identical huge white dad sneakers!

And now, apparently I have bought into yet another trend, this button front dress.  Well – we will have to see if they are still around next summer.  (Insert crying emoji.)  I do love it.  And at least I only have one (so far)!

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