Rebecca Taylor & the Color Wheel

Jacket:  La Vie Rebecca Taylor (and here) | Blouse:  H&M | Culottes:  & Other Stories

Boots: Ganni | Bag:  Loewe Puzzle (and here)

Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to do a blog post about this jacket because even though I bought it several months ago, now is the best time to be wearing it!   The floral print gets you in the mood for spring!  And it is warm enough to get you through the cold March days, but not so warm like a Canada Goose!  It is still available to buy on the Rebecca Taylor website and on Shopbop.  I love all floral puffer coats that have come out this year, because they really cheer me up when the weather is gloomy.

When I was about 11 or 12, my mom took me to have my colors done (did anyone else do this, it was a big deal in the late 80s/early 90s)?  They held up all these different colors to your face, looked at your bone structure and body type, and then analyzed what colors and styles and prints would look best on you.   They said that I was “animated” and that I was 80% Spring and 20% Summer.  They even gave me a cardboard wheel holding all these different fabric colors (kind of like a wheel of paint samples) to keep in your purse while shopping to look for clothes in those colors.  My aunt, who has super dark straight hair, brown eyes and fair skin was “striking” and a “Winter”.  She was supposed to wear more dramatic lines, lots of black and white, and reds.  My mom, who has soft brown curly hair and olive skin was an “Autumn” and supposedly was to go for neutrals, taupes, browns, oranges and corals.   They each got their own color wheels too!

Scary that I still remember the whole experience of having my colors done decades later.  Obviously it’s outdated and complete hogwash as we can all look good in so many things.  And I would NEVER dream of carrying a wheel of fabric samples around with me or being so limited in my fashion choices now.  But there might be a tiny kernel of truth to it –  all my life I have gravitated toward “spring” or “animated” clothing with bright, clear colors and fun prints!  And I think this jacket fits that bill!  It is perfect for the spring season, whether you are a spring or not – haha!

Also, just let me quickly talk about this bag.  It is the Loewe Puzzle bag.  At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it.  But, all of a sudden it grew on me, because it is so unique.  I love how it can be worn cross body (around the city this is really important) or in your hand or over the crook of your elbow by its top handle.  So many bags that are cross body are too tiny but this one holds what you need in a day.  It also looks good with most outfits.  I really dislike changing my bag every day so its great to have something versatile.  I ALSO like that it can go from colder wintry months into spring and summer.  This tan color is going to be big this next season!

P.S. I bought this bag on the net-a-porter UK site (where I buy lots of my higher end pieces) because you can get such discounted prices since the GBP is still pretty weak.  They will DHL it to your house or work within 3 days and you can return easily if you don’t like something.

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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